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My Work at Davidson College

Showcased below is a sample of my work thus far at Davidson College spanning from published archival work to newspaper features to textual analysis pieces.

Comprensión del Proceso de Autoidentificación de los Chinos-Argentinos en Buenos Aires Understanding the Self-Identification Process of Chinese-Argentinians in Buenos Aires

Internship Seminar SIT Study Abroad | Final Reflection

This paper covers the research of self-identification of Chinese Argentinians living in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Through the perspective of an internship experience with the Cultural Association of Chinese Argentinians and five interviews with various members from the community of the city of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, this essay provides a glimpse of the complex process of one’s own identity creation here in Buenos Aires.

Entrecruzando Raza y Género: Cómo Mujeres Blancas e Indígenas Se Identifican Su Posicionalidad en Sociedad

Latin American Cinema | Textual Analysis

Intersecting Race and Gender: How white and Indigenous women identify their positionality within society

Kolla People of Argentina

Colonialism & Digital Media | YouTube Video

Who are the Kolla people of Argentina? How does this Indigenous group form their own ethnic identity in respect to the national white narrative constructed by the Argentinian government? How do the Kolla grapple with their fraught past filled with colonial ties? How does their relationship with the land shape the way they view themselves? How does the worldly visions of Catholicism and Indigenous religion intersect? How do the gendered experiences of Kolla women vary? How have the Kolla come to reclaim their power countering the Eurocentric viewpoints in Argentina? Watch this video to find out.

Silenced: The Stripped Identity of the Enslaved Chinese

Enslaved of Latin America | Online Portfolio

After reflecting upon the various topics we have covered in HIS361, The Enslaved of Latin America, I was drawn to the central theme of identity construction, specifically, within the enslaved Chinese. I am a transnational adoptee. My parents adopted me from Guangdong, a province in Southern China when I was 9 months old. While learning about the enslaved Chinese who primarily came from Southern China from the same province, I was deeply intrigued and wondered if my past ancestors or great-great-grandparents could have been subjected to enslavement during the Manilla Galleon period or the era of the Cuban Coolie Trade. Identity construction is something that I grapple with personally, as I’ve struggled to determine my own identity versus how others perceive me. Within this Final Portfolio, specifically within my creative element, I attempt to document the identity construction of these enslaved Chinese throughout the 16th century up until the 19th century.

Explorando la conexión entre misoginia y religión a través de los siglos: Una comparación entre Colón y Villa-Flores

Spanish Humanities I | Textual Analysis

Exploring the connection between misogyny and religion through the centuries: A comparison between Colombus and Villa-Flores.

In Her Words: Q&A with Alice Garner ‘24 | A reflection on identity, belonging, and getting vulnerable on social media.

Davidsonian Article | Perspectives Section

In a Davidsonian interview, Alice Garner reflects upon her experience as an Asian American at Davidson amidst the rise in anti-Asian hate. She also speaks about how she uses her platform on social media to amplify the voices of the BIPOC community.

Purgatorio en Aura: Encadenada Entre el Pasado y Futuro

Spanish Humanities II | Textual Analysis

Purgatory in "Aura": Chained Between Past and Future

Occulted Through Time: Girl Scout Kent Through the Ghostly Gay

Writing 101: Thinking Boys Thinking Girls | Literary Analysis

A Lady in the Shadow: The Elusive Truth Masked in the Bourgeois Society

Intro to Africana Studies | Archival Paper

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